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We are a full service communications agency based in Wales, creatively focused and commercially aware. We meet and exceed the communications needs of our clients. You can connect with us at anytime, with offices in Llandudno, Chester, London and now, Cardiff.

Creative Thinking

Great insights + blah d blah`s creative thinking = great results.

blah d blah is a creative agency that thrives on challenges. We never back down, we dig deeper and we will always go the extra mile. Our creative DNA can be seen all over Wales, UK and the world - our inventive, impactful creative thinking and solutions do in fact reach global audiences in both consumer and business markets.

We have the expertise, teams, partners and locations to handle any size of brief or campaign.

Our creative expertise includes Advertising, Media Planning & Buying, Digital, Integrated campaigns, Data, DM, Social Media, PR, Creative Design, Copywriting, Events and Print Production.

Case study: Boots



To create a set of brand compliant POS and press advertising for the Boots Hearing Care product range.


All brand marketing material was required to comply with the Boots corporate brand guidelines.

The press advertising would be rolled out through a mix of national press, magazines and regional press titles, and the POS was to be distributed to over 120 stores.


A creative, on brand and on message national promotional and advertising campaign was delivered successfully on time, on brief and on budget.

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Insight Digging

We believe that strategy leads creative and not the other way around.

Our approach to brand communications is straightforward - we believe insights should be placed at the heart of everything we do. The success of any brand is ultimately dependent on the behaviour of the customer or consumer.

At blah d blah, we believe in following some intelligent methodology to allow us to create some intelligent creative solutions for all our clients.

Our insight expertise includes Research, Insight Development, Planning and Strategy.


In a congested marketing landscape, it always pays to think about the communication you're sending into the public domain. By planning your media and thinking about how each piece works with each other you're saving yourself money and ensuring maximum exposure.

Integrated Marketing starts with the consumer

We think about your audience, where they shop, social channels they use and other key signifiers which help to generate a clearer picture. With this information targeting them is much simpler and helps communicate with them long into the future.

Get creative!

After getting to know you, your consumers and what they think of you! Our team have much clearer insights to apply their creative expertise. Part of this is the selection of media which resonates with the audience and exposes them to your brand!

Customers this way >>>

Finally by looking at your processes and sales pipeline we can help you to convert the attention and interest gained. By helping you nurture these fledgling relationships we can demonstrate the value you've gained and how marketing can work when it's done properly!

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brand building

We love brands, we love brand building and we absolutely love brand communications.

Your brand will become the face of your business strategy, so it is business critical you understand how to bring your brand to life in what is an ever changing, cluttered and competitive landscape.

We have helped create lasting brands across numerous sectors to do remarkable things. Our brand expertise can be seen across sectors including automotive, public sector, retail, leisure, tourism, service industries and technology to name just a few.

Our brand expertise includes Brand Consultancy, Brand Planning, Brand Strategy, Brand Identity and Brand Implementation.


For any business branding is one of the most important aspects to consider. The right branding can set you apart from your competition and gives you a major edge!

But what exactly does "branding" mean? How does it affect a business like yours?

Your brand is a promise, it is what your customers can expect when they interact with your business, products or services and differentiates you from the competition.

To create a brand strategy perfect for you we learn who you are? What you want to be? And who people perceive you to be? With this information not only can we create an aesthetically pleasing branding suite, we can help you to communicate, nurture and grow an audience who've never come into contact with you before!

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digital doing

Business and consumer behaviour is changing forever.

Today, both businesses and consumers are bombarded by different messages through a variety of media and devices. At blah d blah, we understand digital, we totally get technology which is why we specialise in creative digital solutions centred around the user.

We also pride ourselves on our in-depth knowledge of the possibilities of technology.

Our digital expertise includes Interactive Design, Development & Production, SEM, SEO, PPC, Mobile, Ecommerce, User Research, Digital & Content Strategy, Usability Testing, Email Marketing & Social Media.

Case study: EA Technology



To create a new online digital platform for the EA Technology brand which would focus on getting even closer to the customer than ever before.


An increasingly competitive and noisy marketplace meant EA Technology required a solution which would reconnect their brand with a global audience.

The website had no clear content or user strategy meaning it was powerless and in need of some redirection.


An intelligent and intuitive website with a firm focus on generating sales overnight and brand overtime.

The new website was significantly reduced in size and importantly rewarded with a powerful content strategy.

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content creating

Not only do we understand how to create content, we are experts in bringing it to life.

blah d blah has a wealth of experience in the delivery of brand communications across a number of different platforms and media channels. We understand the importance of delivering everything on brand and on message.

Our approach to creating and producing impactful and rewarding content is successful because it blends together our skills and knowledge taken from all areas of the brand communications and marketing mix.

Our content expertise includes TV & Video Production, Radio, 3D Modelling & Illustration, Photography, Product Visualisation, Outdoor, Experiential, Apps and Events.

Case study: Broadband Wales



To encourage a country to increase its usage of broadband.


With a population of just over 3 million, Wales has been one of the slowest adopters of broadband over the last few years and most of this is down to its rural and mountainous landscape.

Within Wales there is a lack of confidence in the performance and stability of broadband throughout the country, confidence would need to be rebuilt within a hard to reach audience.


A fully integrated advertising and promotional campaign held across a 4 year period proved successful through increased awareness and adoption of broadband usage.

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